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We are excited to partner with the Atlanta Partners School of Real Estate to offer in-person Pre-License class starting January 15, 2024 at the Keller Williams Training Center in Athens, Georgia.
Looking for an online option? Bypass the traffic and prepare for your Real Estate career in the comfort of your own home with one of on-line Pre-License courses! 

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Proven Success:
Our students become Real Estate Agents!

Results matter.  We offer tools and resources to ensure that our students not only pass the class, but also are able to pass the state exam.  Our in-class students receive quizzes, bonus quizzes, practice tests, study guides, chapter outlines, and math specific reviews to help reinforce the concepts presented in the in class lectures. 


Quizzes are end of chapter reviews that test the student on the information presented through the book and lectures.  These quizzes help show weaknesses in the student’s comprehension, as well as giving a glimpse into the multiple choice format that the state exam uses.  These quizzes are open book and are completed at home on the student’s own schedule.


Bonus quizzes are given in-class and cover the same material as the quizzes, but with different questions.  These bonus quizzes are closed book, but are graded in class giving students the opportunity to ask questions about any questions that they miss. 


Practice tests are used to give students insight into the final in-class exam.  These tests prepare students to cover all the material in the 3 hour time frame that is allotted for the final.  These practice tests are reviewed during class so students can ask questions and take notes on any questions of which they are not sure. 


Study guides are the roadmap to the class.  Each chapter has a study guide to walk students through the main concepts of the chapter.  Students can make notes on these study guides to enhance their understanding of the topics and use them during their study time. 


Chapter outlines help distill the chapter into a manageable amount of study topics.  The outlines help compare and contrast topics that are similar (like forms of ownership, types of leases, etc) which helps students recognize the similarities and differences of these topics.


Math specific reviews are in the form of spreadsheets.  There is a math review for each type of calculation required for the state exam.  These math reviews have answers and explanations to guide students through the entire problem. 


With all these tools at their disposal, Athens Area Real Estate Academy students have a pass rate of over 90% for our Pre-License class.

A Real Estate it right for you?

If you watch cable TV, you may think Real Estate is a game that is easy to become successful in.  A career in Real Estate can be extremely fulfilling and rewarding, but it requires dedication on your part.  Do you have what it takes?


The first thing you must evaluate is your work ethic.  In most instances, Real Estate Agents are independent contractors that work on behalf of the Broker rather than being an employee that works for the Broker.  This situation means that the Broker doesn’t set hours for the Agent to work.  Are you disciplined enough to prospect and lead generate on your own?  Many Agents end up working from home – would this prevent you from focusing?  With no one directly supervising you and scheduling your day for you, could you be successful?


The next thing you need to consider is your people skills.  One of the jokes in the Real Estate field is that your career will see you being a salesperson, an educator, and a therapist over the course of one transaction.  Every client brings their own personality to the transaction, and it is up to you to interact with these distinct personalities while ensuring that you look out for your client’s best interests.  Do you have the people skills to deal with all these quirks?


Another item to gauge is your time management skills.  Remember, most Agents are independent contractors.  They are on their own to schedule appointments and keep them.  They must juggle the time demands required by simultaneous clients.  They must keep track of Due Diligence deadlines, contingency deadlines, and offer expirations.  Can you manage your calendar well enough to be successful?


These are just a few of the questions you need evaluate if you are considering a career in Real Estate.  The Real Estate industry is very rewarding, but you have to be willing to put the effort in to achieve success. 

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