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First, it must be stated that these are estimates based on the Greater Athens Real Estate market.  The fee to take the state exam is $115 once you have passed the Pre-license course.  You can take the state exam as many times as you can afford.  Once you pass the state exam, the cost to activate your license is $170 if activated within 3 months of passing, $340 if activated after 3 months from passing.  To activate your license, you must affiliate under a brokerage, which may charge you application fees.  To show properties effectively, you will need to get an electronic key to open keyboxes; this service costs around $350 per year.  You may also consider joining the National Association of Realtors® as well as your local association (many brokerages require this, be sure to ask when interviewing prospective brokerages); this membership costs around $350 per year.  Additionally, you need money to get a professional headshot for marketing, business cards, note cards, and a nametag.

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How much does it cost to get started?

The Pre-license class is 75 in class hours or 75 hours with the online course (enforced by a timer).  Generally Pre-license courses offered by the Athens Real Estate Academy are comprised of 25 classes that are 3 hours each.  Additionally, there are 2 makeup days.  The online courses can be completed at your own pace, anywhere you have internet access.  Both the in-class and online courses require a proctored final to be passed at the end of the course.  


Once you have passed the proctored exam, your information will be sent to the Georgia Real Estate Commission, allowing you to schedule the state exam.  Once you pass the state exam, you can activate your license within 24 hours provided you have 3 items:  1) a Sponsoring Broker form, 2) a Georgia Lawful Presence Affidavit, 3) a clean Criminal Background check.

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How long does it take to get my license?

First, celebrate your accomplishment!  Next, announce it to the world.  One of the richest sources of clients is from your circle of friends and acquaintances: your sphere of influence.  Tell everyone you know that you are starting a new career and you would love if they would tell you if they (or anyone they know) are looking to buy or sell. 


In your first week, you also need to get business cards (to give to your sphere of influence), a nametag (a conversation starter when you are in public), and an email address that you can dedicate to business correspondence. 


Then it is time to start prospecting.

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What is my next step when I get my license?
What can I expect to make my 1st year?

How hard are you willing to work?  Real Estate success depends on the amount of work put into it by the licensee.  Some licensees have made over six figures in their first year, while some licensees go their entire first year with no transactions.  The goal of Athens Real Estate Academy is to give students the tools to surpass their first year goals.

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As soon as you pass the state exam and activate your license under a Brokerage Firm, you can begin practicing Real Estate.  Many students taking the Pre-license course will discuss prospective business with their friends while they are in class but they cannot show property, list property, or write offers until their license is held under a Brokerage Firm.

When can I start practicing Real Estate?

Through a partnership with Bald Ambition Consulting, LLC, we do have coaching available.  Generally, this is paid for through fees paid on closed transactions, so you do not pay unless you are getting paid.  Our consulting program will put you on track to beat your goals each year.

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Do you offer coaching for new licensees?
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